words of gratitude


and provided tools and methods on how to cope with them.
Most of all she made me feel that I was good enough and identified all the great things in my life that I am now very grateful for.
I have a great rapport with Bev she is warm and kind. I felt so comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with her.
I couldn't recommend her enough”

Update: “You were right about work …I am booked up until April”
“Mary is amazing she has razor sharp vision and wisdom. I had an issue with my partner and with the use of the tarot she helped me make sense of what was really going on in the relationship. She explained the subconscious behaviour, the assumptions, expectations and the unmet need of both me and my partner. The tarot is kind of like having your life displayed in front of you. The reading was so astounded that I almost cried. It’s a weird sensation but whatever the tarot reveals resonates with me deep inside. It was liberating to know the truth. Mary told me that everyone knows the truth deep inside they may just be too afraid to face it. The insider information gave me strength to the right thing for me instead of spending years trying to fix something that was unfixable. Or blaming myself and thinking that there was something wrong with me because I could make my relationship work. Somehow when Mary reads the tarot everything makes sense. It gave me the strength and the inspiration to walk away. The moving on bit will take a bit of time but I know there is a silver lining ahead”.
“I love Yvonne’s no nonsense approach. She is intuitive and practical at the same time. I had no clue what I wanted to do in my career. I was in a rut. Yvonne made me look at myself. I realised that I had been coasting. She gave me the confidence to make a new start. Yvonne gave me a professional overhaul. First we established all my passions and the area that I would love to work. Then we reviewed my skills and talents. Through the use of the tarot she told me exactly what my obstacles were and what I needed to do. I followed her pointings to the letter and today I have a wonderful job”.

Mooji, spiritual teacher talks about the importance of saying ‘thank you’

“To a Very Special Lady in My Life.....
I have had the good fortune of being coached and mentored by Bev Baker. Before my encounter with her, I did not know what was happening in my life and career. I had just taken on board a new business and I felt i was drowning under the pressure of keeping the business afloat. By the time I had reached her, I was broken down mentally and spiritually and did not know where to go from there. Bev picked me up; made me realise what I thought was my weakness was actually the biggest strength I had to turn my personal life and career around. As random as it may sound, I came across her name on Facebook and her post probed me to contact her, whether we call it a sign or coincidence, who cares. I have not been the same person ever since my first meeting with her. I walked out from my first consultation feeling amazing, relieved, ecstatic and so excited about my job and personal life. With her panoply of expertise within the coaching and mentoring field and, not to miss her sought-after specialisation in guided meditation, the package she designed with me in mind took me on a journey of self-development. We have accomplished and overcome some serious barriers which I thought I would never be able to get rid of, certain experiences in life had made me change, not necessarily for the better.

Slowly but surely, Bev made me want to be the best of myself, definitely a more empowered version. Our work is not quite finish yet, but already, people around me have noticed a big change in me, in the way I behave, in the way I speak, in the way I think and the ideas I can come up with. I feel laser sharp focused and can find my way out of difficult situations, the compliments I keep getting specially regarding public speaking skills.....I could go on forever for what she shaped me into, and she knows I do not stop recommending her and spreading the word about her talents and skills.. On that note, I have to say, a heartfelt thank you for guiding me. You will always be part of my thoughts and prayers as you have shown me the light”.
"I feel selfish, I do not want to share Bev Baker with the world. But for the good of many, I need to. For she has played a pivotal role in my personal, spiritual and professional life. She amazes me with her uncanny knack of cutting through my issues in one profound sentence, delivered in her direct style. No subject is off limits and as a result, I have experienced changes in my career, health, wealth, relationships and spiritual development. So if you are stuck, confused, demotivated, or just seeking a transformation in your life, you should meet Bev Baker”.

“Gratitude is like chicken soup for the soul. It raises your vibrations…activates the Law of Attraction at a higher frequency and puts you on the path to receive” Bev