Everyone finds themselves up against it at some point in their lives. No one gets away with a trouble free life. That’s just the way it is. But…it is not the problems in life that is the problem it is how you tackle the problems that is the problem. We do not offer you theories, models or give you task to complete. We offer you the opportunity to know yourself, to delve into your spiritual nature, to call on non-physical energy to solve non-physical problems.

We guide you within. When you tune into your intuition or as we call it your higher consciousness you will be empowered. You get extra guidance. Insider knowledge and inspiration. You find the courage to take responsivity for your life. In fact you get to feel your spiritual power and realise what you are made of.

Pure Consciousness.
We do not believe you have to go into therapy for years in order to be healed. Source energy knows all about you. It knows what is going on…what you are going through and who is involved. There is no need to go over the problem or waste time and money trying to find the answer. When you ask…you will be shown the solution and given the inner strength to do what’s right for you. We understand how scary it might feel to contact someone you don’t know to talk about your personal issue. So we made it really easy for you to talk to us.

Talk to us online in 4 easy steps

1 Choose the category which best describes your problem.
2. Choose the time and the date and how you wish to be contacted. Most session are via Skype. We are happy to contact with you via WhatsApp or similar apps. Each session is 50 minutes long.
3. Pay via PayPal
4. You will receive an email verifying your session and we will call you at the agreed time.

Talk to us face to face

1. Choose the category which best describes your problem.
2. Choose the time and date you wish to attend. All face to face sessions are 2 hours long and are held in London. Please note: Hypnotherapy needs to be conducted under controlled conditions. Unless by special arrangement hypnosis treatments are not available on line.
3. Pay via PayPal
4. You will receive an email verifying your session. You will be given the location address in London and travel details.

Choose from the following categories

1. Intimate Relationships

#toxic #controlling #abusive #suffocating #demanding #exhausting #broken heart #forgiveness #trust issues #infidelity #betrayal #not on the same wave length #no passion #break-ups #endings.

What is the purpose of your relationship? The movies suggest that we should be looking for ‘the one’ to complete us. We do not subscribe to that view. We believe that you do not need anyone to complete you, you are totally complete as you are. We believe that the purpose of an intimate relationships is so that we can know our own heart. You can only feel love in your own heart. So loving someone is all about you.

“If your spirit isn’t nourished in a relationship then you will never be truly happy” Bev.

What you can expect…

- Find out the subconscious psycho dynamics of the relationship.
- Understand the unconscious games that you both play out and why.
- Learn what gets in the way of effective communication and being on the same wave length.
- Establish what you both need from the relationship and how to get your needs met.
- Find out what if any, external factors help or hinder the relationship.
- Develop strategies for putting energy and positive vibes back into your relationship if that’s what you decide.
- Find the courage to walk away and move on if that is what’s best for you.

Fee: £75.00 per session

2. Family matters

#dysfunctional #miscommunication #secrets #deceit #arguments

Family relationship can be impossible to get to the bottom of. There are so many twist and turns. Too many people involved. People misinterpreting the facts. People inventing facts. Others jumping to conclusion. Standoffs and stalemates. The thing about family matters is that they do not get better over time. Relatives do not forgive and forget as they do in the movies. What actually happens is that issues get pushed underground or they become the elephant in the room. Family feuds can be complicated. Especially if you’re in the thick of it, trying to be the peace maker. You may be able to walk away from a bad relationship but it might not be so easy to turn your backs on your family.
“You inherited a lot from your family… you do not have to inherit dysfunctional behaviour as well”. Mary

What you can expect…

- Examine the psycho drama and the psycho dynamics in the family.
- Discover the subconscious role each member acts out and find out what’s in it for them.
- Uncover the family currency and hidden agendas.
- Develop skills in order to neutralise negative energies and vibes immediately.
- Develop strategies to respect and love your family without discounting your feelings.

Fee: £75.00 per session

3. Work issues

#colleagues’ #boss #customers’ # negative environment #bullying #victimisation # harassment #overload

Work relationships can be very stressful. There can be a multitude of reasons why you don’t get on with certain folk at work. Maybe you have spoken to your boss. Maybe it’s your boss who is the problem. Victimisation and harassment can rob you of your sanity. What can you do? You don’t want to leave. Maybe you simply can’t afford to leave. In any case why should you be pushed out of your job because of the negativity at work? When it comes to managing negative energy at work you need different strategies and tools because you may not be in the position to influence the situation from top down. You need inner strength.
“Never allow yourself to be defined by the toxic people you work with” Yvonne

What you can expect….

- Develop influencing skills that shift frequencies and neutralise negative vibrations
- Learn to read and deal with people at all levels.
- Learn how to protect yourself emotional and spiritually.
- Develop inner strength and mindfulness.

4. Low Self- Esteem

#self-loathing #self-harming #self-doubt #self-image #self confidence

Self-esteem is what you think about yourself deep down. If you do not like yourself very much then life is a rough ride. Why? Because you beat yourself up…think others are better than you…think that you are not worthy of feeling good. A low self-esteem steals you of realising your potential. Why? Because you are always hampered with self-doubt. Low self-esteem is a hole in the soul that needs filling. Nurturing is the substance that builds self-esteem. Learning to love and appreciate yourself. Respecting yourself. Knowing yourself. Accepting yourself.
Self-esteem and confidence energies are interlinked. Raise your self-esteem you automatically raise your confidence.
“When you start to feel good about yourself deep inside then your confidence is activated and will take you to the places you knew in your heart was possible”. Yvonne.

What you can expect…

- Neutralise the beliefs and conditioning that make you feel bad about yourself and rob you of your happiness.
- Learn how to tap in and tune your self-esteem to a higher frequency.
- Learn step by step how to replace negative thinking with a positive mental attitude.
- Develop super cool confidence tips and tools.
Fee: £75.00

5. Stress Issues

#feelings of being overwhelmed #change in behaviours #not being able to relax or let go # life becoming a chore #feeling overwhelmed.

Stress is a big issue these days. Live is faster and much more complicated. Our bodies weren’t cut out for sitting in traffic or listening to irate customers. We have got a lot of external pressures to face, but nothing compares to the internal pressures we place on ourselves. We worry about everything… over think everything and second guess everything. All of this takes its toll on our bodies and on our ability to enjoy life. You like many people know that you should take the time for yourself, plan holidays, eat well and take exercise. But you like many people can’t find the time to take time out for yourselves. Stress is a very individual thing. It affects different people in different ways. Stress may affect you in your body, mind or your behaviour.
“Ultimately stress is spirit’s way of saying ‘pay attention to yourself’. Mary.

What you can expect…

- Understand your unconscious beliefs that cause you stress.
- Examine yourself at a deeper level to ascertain what drives you and what makes you tick.
- Learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Fee: £75.00

6. Beyond Depression

#feeling empty #feeling lost #underwhelmed# sadness# bereavement #numb

Convention tells us that depression is a “common mental disorder that causes people to experience depressed mood, loos of interest or pleasure, feeling of guilt or low self-esteem, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy and poor concentrations”. This is not very helpful. Everyone who has ever suffered from depression will say depression is your own personal nightmare with your own set of symptoms. Yet no matter what the symptoms are and no matter how severe, the main solution modern medicine has for depression are drugs. And we all know that drugs don’t work. The answer to depression is connection to self and others.
“Self-love 1. Depression 0” Yvonne.

What you can expect…

- Connect with your essence…your higher consciousness to override the ‘depression defence mechanism’ at source.
- Learn techniques to stay connected to activate spiritual growth.

Fee £75.00

7. When Panic Attacks

#intense fear #nervousness #tense # feeling out of control# shortness of breath or smothering.

A panic attack means that the body has been taken over by fear. Panic attacks affects people in different ways. They can range from heart palpitations to feelings of having a heart attack. Panic attacks are really frightening. They can happen any time any place and anywhere. Maybe something happened in your past that triggered the symptoms. Maybe something happened but it didn’t happen directly to you but your mind keeps telling you that you’re next.

“Panic attacks are trapped energy. The mind keeps ‘tripping’ just like a faulty switch and its keeps telling the body to prepare for danger” Bev

What you can expect…

- Inner strength to enable you to connect with your true self and work through to get past the panic.
- Use spiritual energy to heal your mind, body and soul.

8. Career counselling

#Career change #skills and passion assessment #work values # C.V #interview techniques #career advice
Are you unhappy in your work? Many people find themselves in a job and after a while they wonder how they got there. Stuck and too afraid to move for fear of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. There is more to life and to you than earning a wage and working in a soulless dead end job.
“Find the job you love and you’ll never have to worry where the next pay check is coming from”…Bev and Yvonne

What you can expect…

- Find out your true passion.
- Call on your spiritual guides to show your life purpose.
- Raise your vibrations to work in your chosen field
- Develop super confidence skills
Discover your gifts and talents.
Fee: £75.00

9. Skills coaching

#Presentations skills #negation skills #emotional intelligence #influencing others #mindfulness #personal mastery #self-esteem and confidence #self-realisation and spiritual growth.

“Learning is about expansion” Bev

Everyone needs a coach. A coach sees talents in you that you do not see in yourself and it is their job to bring the best out in you. All our coaching techniques work from the inside out. We aim to bring the best of you out in you. That way your skills will unfold naturally. You will be amazed at the talents you possess that you didn’t know you had. Or maybe you knew you had the skill deep down but you didn’t know how to let them show. Let us show you how amazing you are.
*Please note that all skills coaching are 2 hours duration. They can be held over 2 periods if you so wish.
Fee £150

The Tarot

-When most people think of the tarot they think of an old woman in long robes huddled in a candlelit room foreseeing doom and gloom. That’s not the Tarot. Carl Jung said “The Tarot provide doorways to the unconscious…and maybe a way to predict the future” The wonderful mystical psychologist Alejandro Jodorowsky said “The tarot will teach you how to create a soul”
The Tarot is the tool of the alchemist.

There are two kinds of tarot readings available

10. Question Reading

In a question reading you ask a specific question.
“Should I change my career?”
“Is this person the one?”
“Should I start my own business?”
A question reading will give you the answer that you seek and it will also give you the reasons behind the answer? Don’t worry we will help you to make sure that you ask the right question.
Fee £30
Duration up to 30 minutes

11. Tarot therapy

Tarot therapy is an open reading and it addresses the larger aspects of your life. You can ask us to focus on any part of your life where you need insight, clarity or closure. It can help you make sense of the past. Forgive yourself and others. Find the courage to claim your life back and move on. You can examine your health your wealth and your love life.
Tarot therapy is an in-depth and spiritual reading. Tarot therapy is a very uplifting and healing experience.

Fee £75.00
Duration: up to one hour

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