Back in ancient times an oracle was someone who offered advice or a prophecy thought to have come from divine source.
In modern times an oracle is a person or a place where you can get good, solid and reliable information.
This page does both.  We post anything which is enlightening, uplifting and edifying.
Anything that we find that nourishes your mind body and soul you will find here. Namaste!


"Life is a dance... mindfulness is witnessing the dance" – Amit Ray

Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention. It is a simple definition. The problem is we are not very good at paying attention. Many of us are not present in our own lives. This means we miss things…we make mistakes and more importantly we don’t learn the lessons that life has to show us. Some of us dwell in the past, trying to fix it or rework it. Living in the past leads to regret, sadness and can cause depression. Others spend their lives trying to figure out the future. This reoccupation leads to worry, anxiety and panic. The only power you have is in the present. This is where your life is. In the here and in the now. It is extremely powerful to be able to pay attention from one moment to another. In this way life unfolds and you go with the flow. This means never working against yourself. You work with your mind, body and soul instead, to create harmony in your life.

Meditation is one of the routes to your soul. You cannot use the same energy that caused a problem to fix a problem. If your mind is stressed out, you cannot use your stressed mind to heal your stressed mind. Where do you start? Only the soul can heal a troubled mind. The mind is about thoughts, words and action. The soul is about silence, space and stillness. Meditation opens a portal that allows you to enter the silent and sacred space of your soul. At the seat of the soul you get to glimpse pure consciousness....You get to experience yourself as pure consciousness. You get to see, feel and know your power and your potential. You get to feel amazing right here and right now!

This may be your first shot at meditating. You may feel awkward. Well we all feel stupid when we try something new. So join the club! You may think that nothing is happening. Oh it’s happening alright...your soul is simply waiting for you to stop judging… that’s all. When you stop judging yourself and others… miracles happen. Keep practicing. Bruce Lee said “I do not fear the man with 1,000 kicks… I fear the man with 1 kick who has practiced it 1,000 times”. Keep going and one day you will know your soul. Oh happy day!




We call our articles blogs in the key of life because they are about life. Everyday life and everyday people. We talk about the questions you sometimes ask yourself when you are alone. Questions like 'who am I?' and what 'makes me happy?'.  The deep meaningful conversation you get into with a stranger that you find yourself talking to as if you have known them all your life. Conversations like 'does God exist'? and 'what happens when we die?' The kind of chats you have late into the evening with a dear friend.  Soulful chats like 'what is the purpose of a relationship?' and 'what is the meaning of life?'

When you want to fast track your personal growth and know yourself more, than browse through our blog library. There you will find food for thought and chicken soup for the soul.



“Thank you Bev for all your help and support over the last 3 months. When I came to Bev, I was depressed and feeling very anxious suffering from panic attacks. I didn't believe anything or anyone would be able to help me.
That changed through my sessions with Bev.
Bev has been great in helping me overcome some very personal hurdles and achieve a better life. She has gone beyond her duties and has cared about my progress and me, which made the biggest difference.
Bev is highly skilled and has used a number of different techniques to help me with different obstacles.
Through the sessions I realised why my mind and body reacted in certain ways. Bev helped me recognise and challenge these issues, and

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Short heart-warming stories for your soul.

The little girl was sitting on a rock. She was perplexed. Her best friend had done bad things to her and spread stuff about her behind her back. Her mother said "never mind". Her father said "forgive and forget". But he couldn’t give her any instructions how to achieve this feat. The more she tried to forget the more she remembered what it was she was trying to forget. Every time she saw her friend, she remembered what her friend had done. It was a nightmare. I wish I could forgive and forget she said. What’s wrong with me and she began to cry.

“Why are you crying” said the little old lady.

“Oh my friend did a bad thing and everybody tells me to forgive and forget but I can’t do it. I must be a bad person for wanting to harbour resentment and anger.

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