*Managing Customer Expectation. *Delivering Bad News. *Master Your Negotiations.
All three!

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This collection is designed especially for you, if you work in support services and you are obsessed with providing an excellent service to your customers. Wouldn’t you want insider knowledge from someone who has over 20 years’ experience in soft skills training and has a background in psychology….someone who has worked for the company giants such as Microsoft, Intel and Adobe. Someone who has written numerous books and e-books on the topics? Then look no further!

These e-books are cutting edge. The ideas are well explained so that you can quickly see the benefits and how to applying them. This in turn will enhance the customer relationship and give you bags of confidence. You will instantly be engaged because the content is about your world and matches your experiences in customer support services. The e-books are full of ideas and action packed with tips, techniques and tools that you can pull out the bag whatever the situation. That’s good for your company… it’s great for the customer…and it’s brilliant for your career.

“I guarantee that these e-books will give you the winning edge”…Bev

Managing customer expectations
To manage your customer’s expectations requires skill and artistry. Managing customer expectations is about managing assumptions. How do you do that? It’s a balance of knowing your product and knowing the business on the one hand and know about people, how they tick and how to communicate with them on the other hand. This e-book shows you how!

Deliver bad news
No one like to deliver bad news! Yet there are professional such as doctors and lawyers who deliver bad news every day. What can customer support learn from them? A lot! This e-book is about shifting the paradigm you have about delivering bad news. When you learn the tricks of the trade so to speak you will get the ‘ah ha’ moment and you will never dread delivering bad news ever again!


Negotiation is a word used in business which simply means problem solving or decision making. No big deal really but maybe you think you don’t have the necessary skills and negotiating is out of your depth. It isn’t. You negotiate every day of your life and you are better at it than you think. Upgrade your negotiation skill so that you can get the best out of any situation. This e-book take the mystery out of negotiation and presents the skills and the processes in a really cool down to earth way.

Managing Customer Expectations…Delivering Bad News…Negotiation are all the all the soft skills you need for a successful career in customer support services.



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It only takes a minute to order! Delivered to your inbox… within hours. Upgrade your soft skills…within days…take your career to the next level… within weeks!



How stressed are you right now…or is that a stupid question?
You are not alone…half the world’s population suffers from stress. Let’s face it, we were never cut out for modern times.
You need to pay attention to your stress because stress takes all the fun out of life. It is the gateway to mental illness and presses all the buttons for disease. Convention says in order to combat stress you need to change your life style. Eat well. Exercise often. Sleep sound. These are good ideas. But changing your life style will do very little for your stress, once stress has got a hold on you. In order to unstressed yourself you need to become a different person. Redesign your life and live it the way you want to live it.

If stress is a big issue for you: You’ll have to denounce the belief and conditioning that got you all stressed out in the first place. You have to become aware of your thoughts and learn new strategies to clear negative thoughts out. You need to face the fact that things do not stress you out… you stress yourself out over things. Stress is all in the mind…change your mind about stress.

What would your life be if you had no stress?


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