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We specialise in soft skills and transformational training

Soft skills are easier said than done. Your company may have the latest technology but it is the leadership…how people communicate with each other and of course the customer interface that matters. Your business is too important to leave to people who are not properly trained.

Many say that soft skills training is difficult to measure. Well, that’s not true. You can measure the impact of soft skills training in many ways. Increased confidence will lead to more leads and sales. Feeling more in control leads to less stress and time off sick. A happier workforce can contribute to less staff turnover and save money in recruitment. If you look after your people they will look after your customers.


#Richard Branson is an advocate of transformational training and his company results speak for themselves.

Transformational training means that the learning takes place inside the participants. Adults do not learn in the same way that children do. We like to build on the skills and experiences we already have. We learn by doing and testing things out for ourselves. We need a safe environment to try out new skills. We rely on constructive feedback and positive reinforcement to give us the confidence to succeed.

Informational Training Transformational Training
Passive Engagement. Participation. Commitment to best practices.
Instructor led Participant led
PowerPoint presentations Role-play, case studies and scenarios, tasks, exercises, video clips, experiential.
Q&A 360 degrees feedback

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Managing Customer Expectations

The main objectives of this delivery is to examine ways of better managing customer expectations, to enhance the customer relationship to give them a great experience.

  • Examine the notion of expectation. What is implied and inferred…explicit and implicit. How to deal with these occurrences.
  • Explore the psychology of the customer so that delegates can pick up on body language and verbal ques face to face and on the telephone for the winning edge.
  • Provides strategies that enables sales people and employees who work with the customer to quickly establish and maintain rapport and trust.

Mastering Your Negotiations

Negotiation is another word for problem solving.

The main objective of this delivery is to provide delegates with the key skills and processes necessary when going into a negotiation.

  • Explore bad negotiations and explore the right and effective way to negotiation.
  • Example the 3 key communication skill required for good negotiations.
  • Learn and practice the 2 key approaches to negotiation and when to use them.
  • Identify dirty trick and learn how to counter them.

Expert Communication Skills

The main objective of this delivery is to provide delegates with processes and strategies for communicating in many different situations and environment. This is a high participative delivery. Delegates raise their profile and their interpersonal skills by learning:

  • How to have open, honest and critical conversations.
  • How to ask for what they want effectively and assertively.
  • How to say ‘no’ effectively and with guilt.
  • How to introduce themselves at a networking event, training course.
  • How to deal with difficult people.

Personal Awareness and Growth

The objective of this course is for delegates to look introspectively.

  • Examine self-esteem and confidence.
  • With more confidence delegates will view their work more positively, are winning to take informed risks, to explore options with their customers, take the lead and offer suggestion. This delivery is very empowering.

How to Make Delivering Bad News...GOOD!

Delivering bad news sucks! Everybody knows it and anyone who deals with customers has to do it at some point. Don’t you hate that moment when you call the customer to tell them that they are not going to get what they want or even worst they are going to get what they don’t want.

Deliver bad news is an ugly business. The customer becomes angry and you get fearful. You didn’t sign up for this. You start to wonder if your job is worth the stress. You are told to help the customer at all cost and delivering bad news no matter how you dress it up is ‘a fail’. It’s not a good feeling when you visualise your career prospects flashing before your eyes.

Delivering bad news is a tricky business. You need excellent interpersonal and communication skills that goes without saying, but what do you do when empathy isn’t enough…

We are here to tell you that after this coaching session you will never have to deliver bad news again. Ever! There are no tricks…no processes…and nothing to learn just a switch of your focus. When you follow our formulae. You will be free from ever having to deliver bad news again!

  • Rethink the way you deliver bad news.
  • Develop excellent communication skills.
  • Learn how to deal with the emotional customer.

One to one coaching 2 hours
Buy: £150

Training delivery up to 16 people 4 hours
Buy: £495

Powerful Presentations

The objective of this delivery is to provide delegates with the tools and techniques to be able to deliver a powerful presentation without fear.

The course is high action and the delegates get the opportunity to practice the stages of powerful presentations.

  •  Each delegate is given feedback based on their unique selling point and set of skills.
  • Examine the structure, the audience, what works and what doesn’t work when presenting.
  • How to overcome nerves.
  • How to use visual aids.

Leading By Example

“Leader are what leader do. People follow them because of how they feel when they follow them. They get addicted the feeling. It is like a drug”. Simon Sinek (leadership watcher)

  • The objective of this delivery is to give leaders and potential leaders the opportunity to lead a team and to receive ‘real time’ feedback.
  • Examine different styles of leadership and the one that is more suited to the environment.
  • Examine what leaders do and how they inspire people to follow no matter what.
  • Explore the stages of transformational leadership and the development of mindful leadership.

Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP

Neuro linguistic program is the study of excellence. The object of this delivery is to take professional to the next level in interpersonal skill and its application.

  • The delivery is taking the act of communicating to an art form.
  • Explore meta communication, micro-expressions known as ‘tells’. Eye movements and what they tell us about people.

Creating Effective Workshops

The object of this training delivery is to provide delegates with facilitation and workshop skills which focus on audience participation and involvement.

  • Learn how to create a workshop from scratch.
  • How to use analytical tool including brainstorming, brain writing, S.W.O.T and force field analysis.

This delivery is appropriate for trainers, project managers/leaders and managers involved in teambuilding.

Managing Stress and Developing Resilience

The objective of this delivery is to provide delegates with the skills to strive in a demanding and dynamic environment.

  • Provides delegates with insights into the stress and personality.
  • How we contribute to our own stress and how to stop this behaviour.
  • How to recognise and reduce stress in others.
  • Provides strategies, tools and techniques for managing stress and how to develop resilience.


Transformational training leads to phenomenal employees
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to discuss your training needs.

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