children stories for grown-ups



“No you are not a bad person but you are going about it the wrong way. Don’t worry about what everybody does. The reason why you feel so bad is because it is an impossible task. Why would you want to forget that fact that someone did a bad thing to you? Why would you and why should you? If you try to forget what they did… it rebounds on you and it gains power. Things become awkward. What you need to do is to forgive and remember. Yes remember! By ‘remembering’ you honour who you are….the standards that you uphold…and your sense of what is right and wrong. When you ‘remember’ you send a message to your friend that you respect yourself more than what she did to you…and you are no push over. So you choose to give her a pass”. ~The End~


The child was wondering around the village. Bored. Everyone was busy. Where is everyone going… what are they doing… why are they in such a rush? Everyone is either stressed, oppressed, depressed or repressed. There must be more to life than this. The child wondered out of the town towards the valley. He saw an old man sitting on a wall. He had never seen him before. He sat on the wall alongside the man. They sat in silence. After a while the child asked.

“What is the meaning of life?”

“That is an excellent question” The old man chuckled “Go and ride your bicycle and come back here tomorrow”

The boy rode his bike all day and went back the next day.

He asked the old man the same question.

The old man said “Go and ride your bike around the village and come back tomorrow. This went on for about 3 weeks. The child became annoyed…fed up… exhausted. The child thought of many things including giving up. But one day when the child got on the bike the child knew the answer to the question.

“I know the meaning of life. The child said to the old man...the meaning of life is like riding a bike…you have to know where you are going…stay in your lane…be respectful to those you meet on the way…keep everything in balance…notice beauty along the way…don’t carry any baggage…remember that the road will get difficult at times but you will get through it…don’t confuse your journey with other people’s journey…people my join you but the ride is your ride… and your ride alone. Riding is fun and there’s so much to see…

“Wow said the old man…anything else”

“Yes…said the child…”Eat well…sleep well and drink plenty of water!” And off he rode to tell the villagers.

~The End~


The God was sitting in his favourite place…which is everywhere…he saw some children playing in a field. The God enjoyed watching them and so decided to give them a little challenge.

I am going to give each of you talents and I will be back in a while to see what you did with them. The children swooped up the talents and ran home.

30 years later The God decided it was time to make a visit to see what they had gone with the talents they had been given. 

They each sat in front of the God. The first one opened his bag. “The God you only gave me one talent. I don’t know why you only gave me one talent. What am I supposed to do with one?  I sat on it …I never took a risk…I never fulfilled my dreams.”

The second one opened her bag with pride. “The God you gave me ten talents so I must be special. People adore me…they follow me…they want to be me. People wanted to steal my talents. So I watched my talents carefully. I do nothing all day long but look in the mirror and take pictures of my ten talents.”

The third one open his bag and talent after talent poured out of the bag on to the ground. There were hundreds of talents there. “The God you gave me three talents. I decided to share my gifts from The God. I helped others who had no talents or who were less fortunate than myself. 

The other two were really annoyed when they saw the pile of talents.

“How did you get more talent by giving talents a way…that doesn’t make sense.  Explain yourself!”

Well….something weird happened. Every time I helped someone in some way or other I got help in other ways. Where ever I go someone helps me… shows me the way… I figured out that if I share my talents with the world then the world will share its talents with me.  And The God said “As I always say give and you shall receive”.

~The End~


The boy finished school. The teacher had assigned the class homework and she wanted it handed in the very next day. He had no clue what to write. Why had the teacher asked 12 years olds to write about “How to make a difference in the world”. That’s such a dumb question …I’m not the Pope or the President…How the hell do I know! The question troubled him. He decided to walk down to the seashore to get some inspiration. As he neared the shore he saw a man throwing something into the sea. What was it… a ball…maybe some shells? Curiosity got the best of him so he neared the man to find out. As he got closer, he saw that hundreds upon hundreds of starfish had become washed up on the shore with no means of getting back to the sea. They would die a slow and painful death.

“What are you doing?” He asked the man when he was in earshot.

“Why… I’m throwing starfish back into the sea”

“Yes I can see that”. He said.

“So why did you ask then”

“Why are you doing it?”

“So that they have a chance of survival”

“But you are never going to save all these starfish…there are hundreds of them…you can’t possible make a difference”

The man didn’t reply. He just picked up a starfish and threw it as far as he could out to sea…

He then turned to look at the boy and said “I made a difference to that one didn’t I”.

The boy looked at the man and smiled. He had the answer for his homework …he knew what to write….and with that he picked up a starfish and threw it back into the sea with all his might.

~The End~


And on the 7th day, so the story goes The God made the heaven and the earth. The God sat back and he was really pleased. All the angels gathered around and they all admired the work.

“The God you have a lot of stuff left overs…what are you going to do with all of these bits and pieces” one angel asked.

It was true The God had worked wonders and The God didn’t want the bits and pieces to go to waste. Waste not want not!

The God sat for a while to ponder. And then went to work. The angels sat back in amazement as the magic happened.

“It’s beautiful”… “It’s your best work yet” “You’ve surpassed yourself”

“Uhmm what is it” they asked timidly.

The God said “I have made another creature…

It has the heart of the lion. Not to kill for the sake of killing…but with the capacity to love.

It has the cunning of the fox. Not to steal…but to use its intuition.

It has the wisdom of an owl. Not only IQ…but EQ as well…. it knows how to listen….to show empathy…to offer a shoulder to cry on.

It has the beauty of Mother Nature…the ability to create…grow things…love and nurture".

Above all this creature knows how to be of service”.

The God feel silent.

And then he spoke..

“I shall call this creature WOMAN…AND SHE SHALL HAVE HER DAY!


~The End~



So, there was this family that were travelling the land to find a new place to settle. One day they came across a farmer working the land.  “Farmer" they asked "we are looking for a place to live…what are the people like around here?” 

The farmer looked up and said “What were the people like in the last village that you lived in” 

“Oh” they said. “They were horrible, disgusting, gossiping, nasty people… we had to leave. The farmer listened and then he said. “I think you’ll find the people around here exactly the same. The family shook their heads and went on their way. 

A few days later another family came through the farmer’s land. “Farmer we are thinking to set up home here… but first could you please tell us what the people are like around here. The farmer looked up and asked “What were the people like in the last village you lived in” 

“Oh” they were amazing” the family said. “Kind and supportive…we were really sad to leave”  

The farmer listened and said “I think you’ll find that the people here are exactly the same. 

 So they stopped travelling and set up their home right there in the village. 



~ The end~



The man was worried. “The world is a terrible place these days. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Everywhere I look is pain and suffering. I fear for my children” 

His friend told him not to worry and to get a grip...but he continued. His worrying was making him ill.  He had lost his appetite and could hardly sleep. 


“Look” his friend said. “I have had enough of your doom and gloom... go and see the little old man that live in the forest. He will sort you out...” 

The old man in the forest was legend. The man travelled a day and a night. Finally he arrived at the old man’s door. He knocked... 


“Who is it” said the old man... 

“I have come to seek your help...all I do is worry...second guess and over think things...all day long. You must let me in... 

“Ahhh ...I can help you and I will let you in but first you have to promise me that you will not talk about the past. The man thought for a moment and agreed. Reluctantly. 

“Good” said the old man...”I can help you and I will let you in...  but you must also promise me that you will not talk about the future...  

“No talking about the talking about the future...ok I agree”! 


The old man opened the door. 

“Where are you?” Asked the old man. 

“I am present”. 

~The End~


 A Holy man was travelling by sea to preach in a foreign land. One day the ship was caught in a storm and sank. Everyone but the Holy man were drowned. Every day he prayed to God to be saved. On the 1st day a fisher boat came by and the fisherman offered to save him. “No thank you” said the Holy man, “God will save me” and the fisher man went on his way. On the 3rd day a rescue plane came but he waved the plane on, shouting “I don’t need rescuing because God will rescue me”. On the 7th day at sea a whale offered to give him a lift to the shore.

Again the Holy man refused, saying “God will give me a lift to the shore”. On the 8th day he drowned. When he got to the pearly gates, God looked surprised to see him “I didn’t expect to see you here” God said. “I didn’t expect to be here” replied the Holy man angrily “Why didn’t you save me”. God said “Who do you think sent the fisherman and the plane… I even sent a talking fish.


~The End~


So there were two monks on their way to another monastery on the other side of the village. The older monk took the opportunity to instruct the younger monk on the ways of holiness and goodness. During the journey they came across a woman who was obviously in distress. 

“Please Sirs” she cried “Could you help me to get across this swollen river. I need to get back in time so that my husband doesn’t realise that I was away. If he finds out he will kill me”. 

The older monk said “Certainly not I am an ordained monk and I have taken vows not to touch women. If you had been a good woman you wouldn’t be in this situation and so you have brought this destruction upon yourself”. The young monk listened for a while and much to the astonishment of the elder monk he picked the woman up and carried her across the water. She thanked him and went on her way. 

The older monk was outraged. He admonished the monk. He told him that he was a very bad monk. The young monk could take it no more. He turned to the older monk and said. 

“I carried the woman across the river and put her down…you it seems are still carrying her”. 

~The End~



Teacher:  “I want to show you that if God exists then he is evil…We are told that God created everything and if that is the case then he created evil. So he is evil” 

Child: “Excuse me Sir…Does the cold exist?” 

Teacher: “What kind of question is that ...of course the cold exists…haven’t you felt the cold?” 

Child: “In fact sir…the cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics what we think is cold is in reality the absence of heat 

...and sir dos the darkness exist?” 

Teacher: “Of course the darkness exists” 

Child: “No sir, darkness is just the absence of light. We can study light but we cannot study darkness…God didn’t create evil…evil is the result of what happens when we do not have love in our hearts” 


~The End~


And people travelled from far and wide to hear the advice and wisdom of the great sage. The woman waited dutifully in the baking sun with her son. 

When at long last it was her turn. She cried 

"Oh sire 

It is an honour to meet you. Please tell my son to stop eating sweets. They are ruining his teeth and his skin" 

The wise sage thought for a moment and then he said... 

"Come back in 2 weeks and the answer will be yours" 

The woman was disappointed but she vowed to come back. 

Two weeks later the woman sat at the feet of the sage waiting for the pearls of wisdom that would stop her son eating sweets. 

The great sage turned to the boy and said.. 

"Stop eating sweets" 

"What, that's it". The woman wept "You had me travel from my hear this" I've said the same thing to the boy a million times" 

"Yes but madam...2 weeks ago I ate sweets.... I cannot tell someone to be someone that I am not…or do something that I don't do.  

And with at the sage turned to the multitude and said... 

"Be the change you want to see" 


~The End~


The God decided to hold a meeting and all the angels gathered around.
“I am very worried” he announced “I do not know what the hell is going on…you guys go and investigate and report back to me”.
The angels morphed into humans and went to Earth.
What they saw horrified them and they knew the God would not be pleased.
At the next meeting.
“God we went to earth and we saw that there is a lot of fear and anger” The angels said.
“That’s crazy I sent humans to earth to have a good time. What is the cause of this fear and anger”?
“Well a lot of things really…but there is this thing that humans invented called racism. It is when one race of people hate another race for no apparent reason other than the colour of their skins. White people hate black people. White people hate Asian people. Asian people hate black people.  Black people hate white people. Black people hate Asian. White people hate a particular type of white people. ….and so on and so on.

“How stupid no other animal acts in this way”
“When I put humans on earth I didn’t make any one race superior. The reason why I made some black and some white and some yellow and some brown and some red is to do with nature. I put pigment in some people’s skin to protect them from the sun…I didn’t put pigment in others to protect them from the weather. I put everyone in their right place and gave them the bodies and the wit to work with the planet.
“Yes but they keep moving around…now they leave all bunched up in cities”
“I made enough to go around. Do you think that I would send people to earth and not give them enough to survive”? God fell silent. He finally spoke.
“Racism is mental illness. It is when you despise your own kind. Other human beings. The sufferer is delusional. The sufferer imagines all sorts of things about the other race which doesn’t exist. It is impossible to tell the racist that they are racists because it is the same as saying you are mad. To be mad is the fear of everyone on the planet. Racism is high level mental illness. People learn it… and then look for evidence to defend their psychosis. It is a double bind.

“What shall they do? Because if they don’t sort it out pretty soon, humans will implode.
“One set of people cannot succeed at the expenses of another human that is a delusion in itself”.
“So are they doomed”?
No…not everyone is a racist? There are still some people that welcome cultures and races into their live because they are not hypocrites. If you say you love Chinese’s food…love Chinese people. If you say you love black music… love black people. If you love the Asian way of life then embrace Asian people. I put all of these things on the planet so that you could do some team work and you wouldn’t get bored.
The biggest threat here is silence. To stand by when people suffer is unacceptable to me. If the world is destroyed…those who play deaf dumb and blind will not be saved.
I said to you way back when and I’ll say it again. ‘Love thy neighbour’. Love the racists off the earth or their will be no earth to love.


~The End~