What’s Eating Theresa May…

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We live in a world where our politicians would do anything for power. We are conversant with their in-fighting…back stabbing and monumental hypocrisy. But no one was prepared for what Theresa May had up her sleeve. Just in case you missed the political activities in the UK in recent times, I’ll give it to you in a nutshell. Theresa May the Prime Minister of the UK called an election so that the people could vote for her to be the Prime Minister of the UK. Being the Prime Minister and getting on with the job wasn’t good enough for her. She wanted to be…well… more Prime Minister. The question on everyone’s lips is why did she jeopardise everything when she had everything going her way.

The answer… Maggie Thatcher.

Theresa May had one real ambition and one ambition only and that was to be the Prime Minister. More than that she wanted to be the first female Prime Minister. Everyone who knew her also knew about her goal. That’s a big goal. It’s not one you can easily forget. It takes hard work and dedication It is said that she was extremely ‘irritated’ when Maggie got there before she did.

Eventually Theresa May became Prime Minister , but not in the way she wanted. She hadn’t been elected fairly and squarely as she had planned. It bothered her. Her haters wouldn’t let it lie. She had made it to Prime Minister but not because of her talent as a politician but because of a series of astonishing events which meant that she had been the best of a bad bunch. She was Prime Minister by default and not by design. She was the prom queen that nobody had voted for. She knew that she would be compared to Maggie and she didn’t want that. So she went on a branding spree. Where as Maggie never fussed about fashion, Theresa May became a clothes horse. She wore 15 different pairs of shoes in the run up to the election. Maggie was known as the Iron Lady, Theresa went on and on about being ‘strong and stable and hard’. But what she failed to acknowledge was that Maggie never called herself the ‘Iron Lady’ that’s what others attributed to her. She never spoke about being strong or tough…she just was.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s the fairest of them all…”

When the polls announced that she was more popular than Maggie Thatcher…she couldn’t contain herself…and she went for it. She wanted to prove to herself that she had been elected in her own right. She wanted to make history as the most popular Prime Minister since records began. It was important for her not to be in the shadow of the Iron Lady. She chose the phrase ‘strong and stable’ and welded her tongue to it.

She claimed that she that she wanted to call an election so that she could go into Brexit with strong and stable leadership and with the knowledge that the people were behind her. But that wasn’t true because the polls had already told her that the people were behind her. So what did she do?…Instead of riding on the crest of her popularity and preparing for her country’s future… she decided to call an election. The election was a popularity contest. She was advised she would win. In fact she was so convinced she would win she didn’t even bother to campaign. With her win under her belt she would achieve her life long ambition…smash the opposition in to the wall…shut her critics up…and leave all comparisons to Maggie in her wake.

What could go wrong…

She thought that if she kept saying ‘strong and stable leadership’ often enough then the words would rub off on her. And she was getting away with until she called the dreaded election. The very fact that she called the election weeks before the start of the Brexit negotiations brought her timing and her judgement into question. Asking the people to endorse her when they had already endorsed her was not an act of strong leadership. It was a sign of a rampaging ego. Going to the country when she said she would not go to the country was not the sign of a stable leader. Quite the contrary…it was a sign of someone who didn’t know what they were doing.

She said she wanted to negotiate a hard Brexit. What negotiator worth their onions discloses their negotiations strategy before they enter into the negotiations. That’s madness. . She seemed to think that she needed to be a hard negotiator in Europe. Nobody knows where she got that idea from. Hard negotiating doesn’t mean good negotiating. A key part of being a good negotiator is the ability to develop rapport with people. She has no friends to speak off. A good negotiator has excellent interpersonal skills. She can not make small talk and is an awkward conversationalist .

A good negotiator has excellent emotional intelligence. And that is the ability to empathise and show compassion. I’ll leave it there.

Love her or loathe her, there is no doubt that Maggie was a brilliant speaker. She would never have missed the opportunity to show the people her debating skills. Not so Theresa May.

Her performance or lack of performance during the election left people with grave doubts about her negotiation skills if ever Brexit gets underway. She failed to get involved in any debates and preferred to read her election campaign from behind a lectum in from of 3 people and a policeman.

In one interview she took part in, she was asked “What was the naughtiest thing she had ever done”

She replied “Running through the wheat fields.

Even if this was true…it was the last thing she should have said.

People wanted her to say…”ringing door bells and running away…or stealing apples”. People wanted to know whether she was one of them or not. Instead she showed she was out of touch and from a distant planet. Her colleagues say that she has a sense of humour…well it has yet to be found.

People are still wondering why Theresa May who had everything going for her literally commit career suicide. Was it her ego that made her do it? Yes. Was it her arrogance? Yes. Was it lack of ability. Yes. Was it her low self esteem. Once again yes. But more than that she wanted to stop all the comparisons made between her and her nemesis Maggie Thatcher. She didn’t pull it off. She will forever be compared with Maggie Thatcher…and not in a good way.

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