What Happens When You Die…

As you know I am always asking the big question. It turns out that the more I found out the less I know. Maybe I’m on a fool’s errand. Anyway, last week I was asked the question….

“Do you think that when we die we just occupy another body…are we wandering spirit”.

So here I go again…
The simple answer to the question is I have no idea. Nobody does. They think they do…but they don’t. There are some who say that when you’re dead …you’re dead. There are those that believe that when you die your soul goes to a heaven in the sky or hell below. Others think that we come back to earth as we are. There are those who swear that they have seen Elvis. Funny how it’s always Elvis. It’s never Fatty Arbuckle. Then there are those who believe that our spirit leaves our bodies. But what happens to it after that is anybody’s guess. Since no one has come back to tell us anything, I feel my opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s. So sit tight because this is going to read like science fiction.

The reason why no one can answer the question what happens ‘when you die?’ is because it is the wrong question. It’s like asking the question “when did you stop beating your wife?” You can’t answer the question without tying yourself up in knots. The question is loaded. But since I was asked… this is my reply…

You do not die…

You will never die. It’s impossible. You are pure consciousness…energy…spirit and thus cannot die. You are a spirit having a human experience and not a human with a spiritual add on feature. At the point of dying the spirit returns to pure coconsciousness. The word ‘dying’ is misleading because we see ‘dying’ as to be no more. It isn’t so. Think about the dying process like a caterpillar shedding its skin. The caterpillar metamorphosizes into another version of itself. It is magical. The caterpillar has butterfly potential and the butterfly holds the memory of the caterpillar. When we die our bodies are vacated like the skin of the caterpillar and our spirit is freed like the wings of a butterfly. The body is left for recycling but the spirit that carries the hallmark of a person is long gone.

So were does the spirit go.

The short and mind blowing answer is that the spirit goes nowhere. All spirits are here and around us. No one comes back from the dead because they never go anywhere. A friend of mine says that she thinks about her mother when she is doing the gardening. Her mother loved the garden. But is she thinking about her mother or is her mother thinking about her? People talk to their loved ones who have ‘passed’ but fail to recognise that their loved ones talk to them too. Spirit communicate at a different frequency that’s all. A song…a smell…a silly little saying and there they be.

Our spirit is pure consciousness and the only thing that pure consciousness wants to do but cannot do is know itself. So pure consciousness does the next best thing and have us humans have the experience for it. Consciousness has a whale of a time experiencing everything possible. The good the bad and the very ugly. Spirits leaving and entering bodies is consciousness having fun. Consciousness is not concerned with age, gender, sickness or whether you are rich or broke. It wants the experience.

There is one thing that consciousness is concerned with. It is the criterion it uses when deciding which body to enter. This criterion is the reason why you should be living your best life and doing your best work on the planet.

At the point of transforming back into pure energy your frequency gauge is taken. If you’ve done great stuff on the planet then your karma ratings will be high and you will be reborn as someone really great. Like the lead singer in a cool rock band. Or maybe you will play the lottery only one time and win 50 million. Or David Attenborough. It is at the point of your transformation when your karma rating is assessed and you get to cash in. Your spirit inhabits many bodies and as many times as you want it to, but is never a random act. From time to time there are blips in the matrix. This when someone has the experience of being somewhere before. Or when you see someone and you get the feeling that you know them. Sometimes a child is born with extra skills. They are called protégé or genius. They bring with them a skill from a passed life. They’ll start playing the piano or painting and no-one can explain how. The majority of us have no recollection of past lives because we are not supposed to. What would be the point of coming back to the same life over and over again like some sort of Groundhog Day?

This is my story and I’m sticking to it…
The truth is I don’t know what happens when we die. But I have drawn my conclusion from what I’ve seen. I watched my mother die. On the last day of her time here on the planet in her body she developed what I come to learnt is called the ‘death rattle’. The ‘death rattle’ is what occurs when the spirit prepares to leave the body. As my mother struggled to breathe and at the same time as her body was shutting down, her skin glowed as if she was facing a bright light. The tension in her body relaxed and she was no longer in pain. Suddenly she looked like my mother, the one I knew when I was 5 years old. She breathed out…and the breath never come back…she was gone…and yet she is with me every day!

There is no death. People only die when you fail to remember them!

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