What are you thinking?

So the other day I was standing in the queue at the Post office. The queue was very long. Suddenly the woman in front of me starts to huff, puff and tut. She turned to look at me. I wasn’t having any of it so I looked away. She homed in on another person and tutted. The other person tutted back. One man muttered. Another rolled her eyes up to heaven. A child cried. Then another berated the staff…and many joined in. Within 15 minutes this woman had managed to ‘thought shift’ nearly the whole Post office into a disgruntled mob. How had she used her negative vibes to influence the thoughts, mood and actions of a group of total strangers without saying a word?

In last week’s blog we spoke about the Law of Attraction. So you will remember that The Law of Attraction is mental connection first and foremost. The idea is that you attract people into your life that harmonise with your dominant thoughts. The Law of Attraction is not interested in whether you are a nice person or not, it is only interested in whether you think nice thoughts. The law of Attraction is literal. It takes you at your thoughts and your feeling about your thoughts. If you do not protect your thoughts a negative person or situation can come along and spoil your mood, steal your personality and ruin your day.

What are thoughts?

Einstein said that “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy it is physics” Thoughts are energy in the form of opinions and ideas. Thoughts can be strong or weak…they can be positive or negative. All thoughts are contagious. Every thought has its own frequency just milling around looking for another thought on its frequency to hook up with. Negative thoughts attracts negative thoughts. They feed off each other and become stronger. When the negative thoughts take a hold then this person sees negativity in everything and everyone. Negative things happen to them and so it gives them more negative things to think about. When negative things happen this is the Law of Attraction working with the Laws of Cause and Effect.

The power of thought

In 1994 Dr Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment to test the power of positive and negative thoughts. He froze bottled water and studied the molecules under a microscope. What he saw were shapeless molecules. Then he froze other bottles of water and labelled them with key phrases: ‘Love and thanks,’, ‘I hate you. You make me sick,’ ‘Joy,’, ‘You fool,’ and ‘gratitude and love.’ These images, show what the water crystals from each label look like after a few hours of refrigeration. Here is a small sample:


It is an important experiment because we have a lot in common with crystals. The crystal is made up of water and we are made up of than 70% water. If this can happen to crystals after a few hours can you imagine what thousands of negatives thoughts day in day out can do to your system. Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton an expert in this field said that thoughts are so powerful that if someone was told that they had six months to live and they believed it then they would probably die within the six months. This is called the nocebo effect. People get sick because of negative thinking and people can die as a result of negative thinking.

How to stop negative thinking

Getting out of negative thinking is a little tricky and needs some nifty moves. You see negative thinking creates a double bind. The more you try to stop thinking negatively the more negative you become. It’s like me telling you to stop thinking about a pink elephant. In order to stop thinking about it you have to think about what it is you are trying to stop thinking about. So when you try to stop being negative…you can’t stop because it is your negative mind that is telling you to stop being negative.

It isn’t a good idea to tell yourself to stop being negative. It isn’t helpful when other people say it to you either.

It is common for people to think that the way to get out of thinking negative is to think positive. That is not the way. The problem is that once you are in throes of negativity it is virtually impossible to be positive. It’s like asking a train to turn around on a coin and go the other way. It cannot be done. It’s physics. The best way to get yourself out of negative thinking mode is to find leverage. Interrupt your negative thinking by finding something that you can agree with.

So for example: Do you agree that the Post office is open? Can you agree that the queue is moving? Do you agree that the Post office is the most efficient way for you to send your stuff today? Now you have flipped from negative thoughts to thoughts of gratitude. With thoughts and feelings of gratitude you can get to positive thinking.

-Activate your positive energy. You cannot do happy things and have negative thoughts at the same time. Try it! Play music. Dance as if there is no one watching. Perfect your singing in the shower routine. Do some exercise? Hang out with cool people.

-Treat other people negativity as if it was a contagious disease. Do not associate with negative people more that you have to.

– Negative people tend to go into great details about the things that don’t go well. They repeat and relive their experiences over and over again. Reinforced thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become destiny. Train yourself to go into great detail when things go well…when you have had a good experience…a great meal…a great day. Brag about great times to yourself in the bath/shower/journey home. Say “Today was really cool because…”

-When you are thinking negatively, fixating, overthinking or second guessing. Physically stop what you are doing and ask yourself are these patterns of thinking useful to me right now. Challenge your own thought patterns.

-Use positive language. Get out of using words that are just blah! Like “I’m Fine…its Fine” “I was Ok…its Ok” Use words like “Im amazing …it was amazing” “I am awesome… you are awesome!”

When you looked at the title picture for this post what did you think?
What you think now?

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