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Did you notice the switch? One minute Trump was tanking really badly in the polls and was the laughing stock of the world and then almost overnight everything changed. He became a contender. He won! What happened? I’ll tell you what happened. Kellyanne Conway that’s what happened. In a post awhile back I said that I did not diagnosis people from afar. Well, that was an ‘alternative fact’. I want to know how a woman who has championed women’s causes can work for a man who has shown himself to be a sexual predator. I want to know who Kellyanne Conway really is. They say that behind every successful man is a strong woman. Well it’s not Melania. It’s Kellyanne Conway.

Who is she?

Kellyanne Conway is of Irish Italian descent. Her father left when she was two years old and she was raised by womenfolk. She spend eight summers packing berry’s at the Indian Island Farm. It is there that we get an insight into her character. Little Kellyanne Conway was the fastest packer that the farm had ever seen. People would come to watch her because she packed so fast. Her colleagues recalled how the blisters on her fingers didn’t stop her. She entered the local Blue Berry princess beauty pageant and won. Her school mates recalled that she was never without her books… was always first in everything in class…sang in the choir… worked on floats for parades…was a cheerleader and belonged to the debating society. She entered a berry packing competition and when the judge said it was a draw Kellyanne demanded a recount. She had calculated in her head that she had won by 3 pints.

Kellyanne Conway is hell bend on being the best at everything. She is obsessed about winning. She has a formidable brain.

After graduating with a law degree. Kelly settled into Washington. The problem for her was despite her smartness she was keep out of the inner circle by the Old Boy Network. She knuckled down and completely disarmed them. Everyone liked her. She remembers birthdays and the names people’s children. The old boys’ brigade saw her as a sister but she learned how to compete in a cut throat world where she was being assessed by men.

Kellyanne Conway has a lot of poise. She know how and when to be charming and she believes she knows how to handle men.

If you watch the video were she uses the now immortal phrase ‘alternative facts’. She provides us with three ‘tells’. A ‘tell’ is a micro expression on the face that gives away the true motives or beliefs of a person. Tells can be a slight movement around the mouth or the eyes. They are there and gone in seconds.

Now in the video the first ‘tell’ is a gulping motion. This ‘tell’ informs us that she has just caught herself in a lie or saying something stupid. She realises that she is saying it and tries to gulp it back. The second ‘tell’ comes immediately after the first ‘tell’ and this is when she flicks her long blond hair back. Flicking hair back is a girly, playful and flirty action that you wouldn’t expect from a person in such high office. The third ‘tell’ is the blush. She turns red with embarrassment and it can only be because she forgot where she was. She thought she was bantering with the guys back in the halls of Washington and not broadcasting live to the world.

Kelly is at home in front of the camera. Her T.V career took off on account of the Bill Clinton scandal and the public’s love for pundits and the hot gossip that came out of Washington. She knows exactly what she is doing in front of the camera and more than that she knows the T.V presenters. Have you noticed that when she is being interviewed she calls the interviewer by their first name? It is a small thing that may be overlooked by the viewer but it is a massive thing to the person on the receiving end. When the Counsellor to the President calls you by your first name. This is code for: “We go back along time… or… I’m the one that helped you out of that little problem you had ten years ago…or …I bought your son a toy train…or… lay off me I know where the bodies are buried”

Kellyanne Conway is a master manipulator

So what happened that day in August when Trump met Conway and asked her to be his campaign manager? Why did she say ‘yes’? This time last years she didn’t have a good word to say about him. Call it serendipity. Yes! Call it fate. No!

These two had a meeting of minds born out of

a) They both share a pathological hate for Hillary Clinton.
b) A unique from of delusional personality disorder called a ‘folie a duex’. This where the parties become transfixed with each other and feed each other delusions and weirdness. They are so entwined that they share the same weird speech patterns….they both have a fondness for inventing words and phrases and a blatant disregard for the truth.
c) A form of narcissism where each has to win.
d) They both sport massive egos.

Trump saw in Conway his only means to winning the election. She had the brains. Conway saw in Trump her only means to being first lady. It was an opportunity she couldn’t refuse. She had calculated that Melania would want nothing to do with the White House and would use her son as the excuse not to move to Washington. Kellyanne Conway on the other hand packed up her bags and moved without a backwards glance up surging her 4 children into the bargain.

Kellyanne sold her soul, for fame, fortune, power and the glory. She is always many steps ahead but she’d better be ready for what is about to unravel because the harder they come they harder they fall. And Kellyanne Conway will fall!

Her friends in the media will turn on her. They will either ostracise her or go for the jugular. …ridicule her…undermine her…tell her she looks tired. If they do that then she will be off no use to Trump and he will have to get rid of her. What Kellyanne will do when this happens is anyone’s guess but she will not go without a fight. Because one thing is for sure…Kellyanne Conway is ruthless.

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