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In 2009 a boy barely 17 years of age moved from his small town to London. There’s nothing unusual there. Everyday…around the world… hundreds of people move to the cities and the bright lights to seek their fortune. If you happened to be around and about in London at that time you may have seen a gingered haired boy busking on the streets for small change. He slept on his friends’ sofas. A couple of nights here, a couple of nights there. Trying not to outstay his welcome. Sometimes he slept rough without enough food to eat. In 2010 he gathered enough money together and brought a ticket to Los Angeles to try his luck there. His actions are not for the faint hearted. You have to have unshakeable self-belief…bags of courage…blind faith in your skills…and a “do or die” approach. Some may call his behaviour crazy…reckless or dangerous. The boy held on to the belief that he was destined for greater things. He turned out to be right. The boy became the man… Ed Sheeran.

I am still chasing the elite performer. I think I am becoming obsessed. I want to know the mind-set. Maybe with all this research something might rub off on me. Here’s hoping! Last week we learnt that elite performers develop the winning edge by predicting the future. They get so good at what they do they can anticipate what others are about to do before they do it. They also set goals differently.

I want to pick up the trail from there….

Many people set goals. That’s nothing new. Usually they are based on a timeline. We are told that if we make them specific and measurable then we stand more chance of achieving them. Well that’s not true. If that were true then people would be fulfilling their dreams all over the place.

First and foremost the elite performer sets huge goals. The sky is the limit because they believe they are limitless. Their goals start where most people’s goals finish. They name them, they design their lives around them and they ‘step into’ the goal. They become the goal. They do things not because they want to. They don’t have a death wish or anything like that. But they do things because the goal dictates that they do it. The goal is bigger than them. The goal is bigger than all the obstacles that may come their way. The elite performer does what they have to do because they have to do it. The goal is not a journey or an arrival at some lofty position. If they get fame and fortune that’s all well and good. But fame and fortune is not the goal. That is a by-product. The goal is expression. An expression of who they are.

You hear elite performers talk about this all the time “be true themselves”….”express who you are” “believe in yourself” “do whatever it takes to succeed” They marinade themselves in these thoughts and beliefs until what they seek becomes their reality. In fact they don’t wait around for reality they go out and create it.

Outsiders don’t get them. How can they? The elite performer eat and sleep their goals. If they are not doing it then they are thinking about doing it. Action and strategy. Strategy and action. What outsiders may read as obsession is actually deadly focus. The elite performer hones their skills and waits for the opportunity that they know must come. As the saying goes “You have to be in it… to win it” and the elite performer is in it all the way.

One of the things elite performers does is protect their dreams. Their dreams are not open season for near-do-wells to poo poo over. They never talk about their goals for people to run rough shod over. To them their goals are a ‘done deal’ and all they are doing is waiting for reality to catch up with them. The elite performer learn to edit the information that they give out and edit the information that they allow inside their heads. They never give details of what they are doing until it has traction. It may seem as if they are being secretive and that may be the case. But is more about protecting their investment. And the investment is them. They realise that if they allow negativity and doubt to enter their thoughts this will create confusion…distractions and slow them down. So they keep their thoughts about their goals away from well-meaning friends and fearful family members.

The elite performer surrounds themselves with good people that can encourage them, teach them cool stuff and help them get closer to their goals…sooner. They are learning machines and it doesn’t matter what it is they make sense out of nonsense….connect the dots…learn all the angles. They carpark stuff and store information for later usage. Nothing ever gets wasted.

All said and done what is it that elite performers do that people who don’t follow their dreams don’t do. Well this is going to be fairly obvious and it isn’t rocket science. At the end of the day what gives elite performer the winning edge is the fact that they get out of their own way. They don’t block their creativity by second guessing themselves. Failure is not an option, not because they are afraid of failure it’s just that they never stop to find out what failure feels like. They keep moving. They make mistakes and they make mistakes often, because mistakes is valuable feedback and to them that is gold.

I’m leaving the final words to Ed Sheeran. He sums up what I want to say in just a few words….but then again he is Ed Sheeran!

“Do what you love, work as hard as you can, and make people happy”

The Winning Edge…The workbook

Do you want the winning edge? Imagine what you could do if you were able to predict your customers’ moves…stay ahead of the competition….intuitively know what’s going on and what’s going to happen next. What would you do with that knowledge? Predicting the future…even by a couple of seconds is all you need to give you the winning edge. I will give you a step by step guide. Once I have shown you the way…put your game plan into action… and don’t look back!

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