The truth about the ‘The Secret’

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It’s been ten years or so since I saw the film ‘The Secret’. A friend gave it to me wrapped in brown paper as if it was porn. She gave me 48 hours to watch it and told me to guard it with my life. She also told me that it would change my life. So it was with great enthusiasm that I sat down to savour the film. Whata-loada-shit. Despite my verdict of the film, it continues to be on Amazon’s bestsellers list. The book and the film of the book has sold more than 19 million copies worldwide and rising. It has been endorsed by many, including Oprah Winfrey. And if something gets the thumbs up from the oracle Oprah then it has to be good.

The plot

The whole idea behind The Secret is that if you think positively, visualise whatever you want coming into your life and eliminate negative thoughts, then everything you want in life will come to you. In fact you don’t have to do anything other than make a list. The film is loosely and wrongly based on the Law of Attraction. You know how they say the book is better than the film. Well it isn’t. They are both bad. The film sites and misquotes Ghandi, Galileo, Martin Luther King, Ole King Cole, The Buddha… it even ropes Jesus Christ into the mix. What the film doesn’t point out, conveniently enough, is that Ghandi and Martin Luther King were shot to death. Jesus Christ was crucified and the Buddha was starving for most of his life. So much for positive thinking.

The film is laced with characters who look like a cross between Gandalf and a granny in a wig who keep walking into walls and appearing out of nowhere. All of this is interspersed with motivational speakers who were paid huge amounts of money to tell us that they have huge amounts of money. The hard-core speakers with funny coned shaped heads, hyperventilate into the camera.

“You can do” You can have it all” “believe in yourself” and you’re a winner”

All of this is supposed to lead the viewer to believe that the secrets of the universe were written thousands of years ago by great scholars and was discovered by the chosen few. The chosen few just happened to be film producers. So instead of curing diseases… feeding the hungry and sheltering the sick… they made a film. As you do!

The catch

What made the film so attractive to the masses is its ability to weave in the images of mystical eastern philosophy accompanied by woo woo music and pseudo-science. There is something about Einstein and energy and Tesla and frequency which gives utter drivel credence.

The claim

The film makes some huge claims. Money… fast cars…the partner of your dreams. You name it and it could be yours. But what if you want world peace? What if you want an end to poverty? I’d l love to see the Secrets in action in down town Africa. Instead of digging for water they should visualise it. Instead of scrounging for food they should think positive thoughts and ‘lo and behold’ food will appear. And what if you don’t get what you want. What if you are still waiting for your ‘mock up’ partner to arrive? What then? The film has a very nice get out clause. If what you want doesn’t happen then it’s all your fault. You just aren’t positive enough and what’s more you are rubbish at visualising.

The appeal

The Secret appeals to narcissists’…to the delusional…the self-obsessed… the self-entitled the lazy who do not believe in working for what they want and those who believe the world owes them a living. In a nutshell the Secret is about greed.

If I haven’t convinced you yet about the efficacy of the Secret. Then hear me out. Let’s imagine two people. One who believes in the Secret and the other doesn’t. Meet Mr Fool and Miss Wise.

Mr Fool believes in the secrets and visualise making tons of money and attracting the perfect partner into his life. He cuts out pictures of this dream partner from magazine and plays the lottery. That is the sum total of his investment into his dreams. Miss Wise on the other hand wants the same things that Mr Fool wants but she studies for it…works at it…hustles every day for it. She eats it…sleeps it…she becomes it.

Now who do you think is more likely to achieve their dreams? Mr Fool or Miss Wise? It gets worst from here. Mr Fool looks across at Miss Wise and notices that she is having a great time. Mr Fool then becomes jealous disappointed and resentful and stops his routine. So much for viualisation.

The rules of the Law of Attraction

1. The Law of Attraction is not attracted to what you say you will do it is attracted to what you actually do. Further it isn’t attracted to what you say… it is attracted to what you actually think about what you say.

3. The Law of Attraction wants to know if you mean business. The only way that you can show the Law of Attraction that you mean business is to become the thing that you desire. So if you want a lovely partner in your life…then you have to be a lovely person who could attract a lovely partner. It is only when you are the person that you want be with; will the person that you want to be with show up.

3. Do not go looking for a lovely partner. If you go out looking you will find ‘something’ but it will not be your lovely partner. By definition, looking for something is saying there is something you do not have. When you do not have something you want you give off a different vibe. It could be neediness…desperation…hopelessness. They are not attractive qualities in a partner. Similarly, if you want a wonderful job then dreaming about it isn’t going to work. You have to get of the bone of your butt and work. When you show The Law of Attraction what you are made of inside and outside. Keep pushing…keep fighting for what you want, then and only then will the Law of Attraction show up with a universe full of goodies.


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