Taking medicine is not healthcare …it is sick care!

I had the weirdest call on my house phone the other day. Normally I get calls on that line to inform me that I have been in an accident that I didn’t know about or that the computer I am working on is not working. I am usually ready for those kind of calls. But this one was from my doctor asking me if I was Ok. The reason being is that I have not been to the doctor’s in this century and I have no intention of going either. I am in rude health so it was astonishing to find – when I had to go to New York for a family affair -that too many of my family members were suffering from 50 shades of ill health. They had everything ranging from minor aches and pains to chronic ailments such as high blood pressure…type two diabetes…heart issues…stomach complaints. All of these conditions were regardless of the person’s age. So my good health is not down to genetics. When I asked my family what they were doing to get well again they told me that they ‘kept taking the medication’. I told them that that the pills and potions they were knocking back didn’t work because if they did they wouldn’t have to keep taking them. They looked at me as if I had two heads.
They, like so many others were caught in the sickness industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is a multimillion dollar industry. Once a pill has passed the clinical trials and is good to go to market it will be touted amongst GPs just the same as any other product. The pharmaceutical seduce the people high up in the medical profession called Key Opinion Leaders with goodies so that they will endorse the latest wonder pill. People take them thinking that they are going to get better, they don’t. They just get hooked on repeat prescriptions and a vicious circle of sickness. The pharmaceutical industry is no more concerned with wellness than the tobacco industry is concerned with health. Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in cures…they are interested in customers. Doctors are under extreme pressure and conflicted. They know that the majority of illness could be improved or even cured by people adjusting their life style but this information falls on death ears because people are also seduced by the glittering claims of marketing, advertising and fit quick schemes. A case in point, clinical trials funded by the Diabetes UK showed that ALL the people with type 2 diabetes who deduced their calorie intake to 600 calories per day over an eight week period didn’t not need their medication for up to 3 months after the trial. But as soon as they returned to their old habits the symptoms returned.

The body communicates to us with pleasure or pain signals. When we experience pain the body is telling us something is wrong. It is not the aches and pains that make us sick…that’s just our body talking to us and telling us our lifestyle is out of whack, that we have fallen into bad habits…that we are overdoing it and we should slow down. It is the pills that we pop without understanding the implications of the small print that makes us sick.

When you take a pill all you are doing is substituting one batch of symptoms for another.

My husband suffers from chronic back problems. As soon as he gets a twinge he takes ibuprofen and takes to his bed. The problem is that the ibuprofen makes him worst. Here are the possible side effects: Vomiting, blood in the stools, tiredness and exhaustion, flu like symptoms, sore throat, mouth ulcers, stomach problems, indigestion, and heartburn, wheezing, and swelling of the face, tongue and neck. Allergic kin reactions, peeling lesions rashes, diarrhoea, meningitis, a small risk of a heart attack, yellowing of the eyes, kidney problems which may lead to kidney failure weakness and loss of appetite. When he takes the pills he feels worst but he keeps taking them because he will not allow is body to sort itself out. There is nothing ‘side’ about side effects they are the direct result of taking medicine.

If the above symptoms weren’t bad enough. There is more. The active ingredient in ibuprofen is ibuprofen. But what about the inactive ingredients. The main culprit is microcrystalline cellulose. This is basically wood chip used as a binder. The problem is that the body cannot digest or excreted it and so it just sticks around causing all sorts of problems like depression, irregular heartbeat, headache, belatedness, and lack of energy. So there you are in a catch twenty two because you have to take pills to counter the side effects and more pills to counter the side effects of the side effects. Not before long you are caught in the circle of sickness.


Meet Ernestine Shepherd. She has appeared in my Facebook feed a number of times. Ernestine is eighty years old and is the world’s oldest bodybuilder. The story has it that Ernestine and her sister fell into hysterics when they caught sight of their fat, flabby and misused bodies in the mirror while shopping for swimwear. She made it her mission at age fifty six to get fit and healthy. Here’s how…

Juicing. If you have a chronic illness then you may need to seek advice on how to do a juice. Juicing for any length of time is great for the body. It eliminates and detoxes at the same time. It gives your digestive system a rest and allows all the nutrients to go straight into the blood stream. The benefits of juicing is far retching. Juicing can and will help in arthritis and osteoarthritis, IBS, Adrenal stress and of course weight management. If you are interested in what juicing can do for you don’t take my word for it, watch Joe Cross award winning documentary called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead to see how he turned his life around from a debilitating disease by juicing.

Overhaul your diet. It goes without saying you are what you eat. Just as you wouldn’t put the wrong fuel into your car and still expect it to work the same goes for your body. Sugar is the wrong fuel. It is estimated that 50% of the American population will suffer with forms of diabetes by 2050. Hippocrates said two and a half thousand years ago “let your medicine be food and your food be medicine”.

Your body is a walking miracle. It is the finest piece of engineering known to humankind. Learn to listen to your body. The body’s natural defence to illness is exercise. Exercise produces the endorphins similar to morphine only better because it is natural, to stimulate repair.

The power of water is well documented. If you have a headache or feel hunger chances are you are dehydrated. If you drink loads of water it will flush out all the toxins out of your system. Since the majority of the body is made up of water it makes sense to give it what it needs.

Change your beliefs. Your health is the most treasured gift. Treat your body like a temple. Change the mind set which says I am old and so I am going to get lots of ailments. Where that may be the case it isn’t always the case. Your health is your responsibility and yours along. Do not abdicate responsibility to pills and potions. I will leave you with this message. People are ‘liking’ the picture of Ernestine declaring that she was amazing and inspirational. I beg to differ…Ernestine is normal it is the people who eat junk food, do not exercise and still expect their bodies to function who are not!

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  1. Sara Davis

    September 22, 2016 at 10:34 am

    Another great blog, starting to get addicted to them. thx Bev!

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