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The other day I was having quite a heated debate with a family member who was intent on telling me that according to the ‘experts’ …the world will cease to exist in 2050. I know we are going through a bad patch at the moment but I am a little fed up with people predicting the future as if they were ‘Mystic Meg’ at the circus. Analysts, politicians and gurus’ …one after another are intent on whip us up into a frenzy of doom and gloom based on their particular version of the truth. They present it in such a convincing way that it is all too easy to pass responsibility over to them. But, the leaders on the world stage have shown us over the past weeks that they are just as confused and conflicted as the rest of us. In a nutshell nobody knows what is going on.

Introducing Schrödinger’s cat

Consider this question.

Put a cat in a box with some poison and leave it there for about an hour. Now just BEFORE you open the box… pause and answer this question”

“Is the cat dead or is the cat alive?”

This is the hypothetical question that the Physicist Erwin Schrödinger asked his colleagues to highlight the dangers of certain ways of thinking in quantum mechanics. Now let’s borrow his cat and use it as a metaphor to ask a bigger question.

Consider this question.

Will you wake up tomorrow?

There is only one sensible answer to both those questions. We can huff and puff as much as we like…but the answer is: We don’t know.

Given that we don’t know the answer to life’s little and big questions…observing that most of us don’t have a clue what going when it comes to our leaders and considering that none of us makes it out of life alive isn’t time to take our lives back.

-We need to be careful about the information that we receive and take in to our minds. We need to be discerning and tough with the truth. We know that there are terrible things happening in the world but ask yourself do you need to hear it every time you turn on tune in or plug in. It is all too easy to feel overwhelmed ‘tragedy weary’ and suffer from ‘empathy fatigue’. Watch out for feelings of negativity and depression. Take a step back.

-Be careful with our words and particular when we are around young people who will have to pick up the pieces further on down the line. We need to be careful before we run our mouths off in front of children. I notice all sorts of graphic conversations in the presence of children. Just as adults are horrified and affected by the news, children are taking stuff in as well and soaking up information, speculations and fear passively and without filter.

-Now is not the time to disappear in to the past, desperately seeking information and indicators that will give us some clues how to proceed will not help matters. If there is one thing that we can learn from the past is that we do not learn from the past. There are only three things that we need from the past…a) the lessons learnt…b) the good memories… c) the knowledge that you made it. Based on what you have seen and what you have been through and with whom… you have enough resources and resilience to make it through whatever life throws at you and what you do not know…you’ll figure it out. Trust yourself. .

-Take back control of your life by making your own decisions and choices. Tough as it may seem this is the only way to peace and happiness…trust me.
–Live in the here and now. It is super important for you to focus on right now no matter how hard it all may seem. Do not put your life on hold for anything nor anyone. If you do not live in the now and you plan for the future you will never enjoy your life because when the future that you have planned for arrives you will already be planning for the future. Develop a sense of urgency. Stop putting things off until tomorrow. Do it now. Say it now!

Think to yourself and say this mantra when you feel flustered and out of it

“All problems that I cannot deal with right this minute are gone from my energy field…Now!

only two days in the year

Skilful empathy…Focus your empathy on the people who are close to you and that matter to you. The root emotion of empathy is love. Tell folk that you love and appreciate them often. Be kind. Make someone’s day. The enemy of empathy is apathy and since you can’t do as much as you’d perhaps like for the people who are suffering you need to focus your empathy like a laser beam on your family and friends. Give them the best of you. Make sure that their lasting memory of you is always one of you smiling.

And this too will pass

The world is having a moment… having a real rough time. So we need to get mentally tough. We need to live in the moment. Savour every moment. Because as sure as night follows day… bad times will go and bad times will come. It is the nature of things. Our job is to recognise the good times and enjoy them to the max and find happiness wherever we can. When the bad times come…we dig in and we dig deep. Go hard or go home is the order of the day!

I am not an expert in what the future hold but of one thing I am sure. All the people around the world who are having a tough time would give anything to be where you are right now. Don’t let them down my suffering… because then all their suffering will be in vain. And if we were able to ask all the people who have lost their lives under tragic circumstances:

“What would you do if you had your life to live again?”
They are not here…but what would they say:
Finish the sentence for them…

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