Steve Bannon…The Hallmarks of a Psychopath

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I didn’t know who Steve Bannon was, but his name kept coming up. People described him as pure evil. So I decided to check him out….see what all the fuss was about. I was shocked! Surely this dishevelled hobo is not the Chief Strategist to the White House. How did that happen?

Diagnosis from afar

Steve Bannon has all the hallmarks of a psychopath. But not just any old psychopath like the ones we have come to know on Criminal Minds or CSI. Steve Bannon has the capacity to alter people’s thought processes to the point where they lie and invent stuff that didn’t happen. He prides himself on being a movie maker and now he is directing the movie of his life. From his director’s chair in the wings he coaches his cast of narcissists to do his bidding and create chaos.

As narcissists the more they love him the more they love themselves and the more they love themselves the more they love him. Take a look at the red white and blue military coat Kellyanne Conway wore at the inaugural ceremony. People thought she was being patriotic and maybe she was. People thought she looked like Paddington Bear and maybe she did. But what she was also doing was showing her love for her leader. Steve Bannon is fond of saying he was a navy officer and is very proud of that fact. Her coat of many colours was a nod to him and her salute was a salute to him. She was loving herself in her Gucci coat and demonstrating her adoration for him at the same.

He has risen amongst his cast members like a cult leader and they have been hypnotised into believing that he is the one that will enable them to realise their dreams. He doesn’t care about their dreams. He has gone on record as saying he is anti-establishment. He said this to the Washington Post…

“We think of ourselves as virulently anti-establishment, particularly ‘anti’ the permanent political class”

Steve Bannon wants to bring down the whole establishment and he doesn’t care who goes down with it. As any strategist worth their salt will tell you the best way to destroy any system is from the inside.

He is a master strategist but not as you and I would define a strategist. Steve Bannon is a master shit stirrer. How he does it is by creating chaos….manipulating the truth and then creating chaos again. This is the ultimate psychopathic behaviour. To control people’s emotions. If you control people emotions they will do absolutely anything. He is so masterful at what he does…playing races against each other…rich and poor against each other… religions against each other. He could lead the world to war.

Steve Bannon has been labelled the villain of the peace. A racist… a sexist and much more. It is obvious he doesn’t care what people think of him. In fact he doesn’t care about people at all. He said…

‘Darkness is good: Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power,’

We need to remember that a psychopath does not have a conscience… they have no empathy and they have no soul. So all the criticism, name calling and outrage falls on deaf ears.

He said…
“We call ourselves ‘the Fight Club.’ You don’t come to us for warm and fuzzy,”
Where did Steve Bannon hone his skills? It could have been in the Navy. But likely to have been at Harvard. At Harvard, Steve Bannon had a young and impressionable audience. He had arrived with experience from his various jobs and his stint in the Navy. He was 29 years of age and already married.

His fellow students thought he was brilliant. He was so handsome that they used to call him Robert Redford. There are two things that happened at Harvard that is noteworthy. First Steve Bannon was elected class representative. He was the one that would argue for students who were failing to the faculty. He learnt about power. The second thing that Steve Bannon did was to put together a study group. This wasn’t any old study group. The study group was handpicked by Steve Bannon. The study group was called ‘the pack’ and Steve Bannon was the leader of the pack. Here he learnt about manipulation and control.

They met every night and debated the topics for class in detail. Because of size of the pack and the make-up they became very skilled in backing each other up…taking the rest of the class off guard…making stuff up. Is this beginning to sound familiar? The fascinating thing was that Steve Bannon seldom got involved in the actual debate. He liked to be behind the scenes. He would hang back and watch for the side lines as members of his pack passed bits of advice on paper around. He had a dislike for people who courted the limelight. The pack called them ‘tyre biters’.

But not everyone remembers him as a nice guy. There were some who remembered him as a guy with anger issues, very controlling and less than polite to the women. One guy recalls him as wound up with a very short fuse. His second ex-wife will bear witness to that. Steve Bannon is a wife beater. The story goes that his then wife asked him for money and he ignored her. So she ran to his car to get the money and he put his hands around her throat and dragged her back into the house by the throat. She called the police but failed to press charges. She says that Steve Bannon put the squeeze on her and said that if she pressed charges he would ruin her life and she would never see her children again. Steve Bannon is ruthless.

So who can stop Steve Bannon, now that he is the one that tells the most powerful man in the world what to do. Can anyone stop him? Yes.

-Since he doesn’t like the limelight he should be pulled into it at every opportunity.

-The media should continue to talk about him as the real leader this will eventually upset Trump who wants the glory all for himself.

-But maybe we don’t have to do anything at all. By the look of his bloated body, his bloodshot eyes and the busted capillaries around his nose. He is clearly an unhealthy man and probably unwell. Just maybe there is one thing Steve Bannon cannot control and that is…his own liver.
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