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This is the final part in the trilogy about the ego. In a nutshell. An over inflated ego is a fault in your personality and keeps you away from your authentic self. Your authentic self is the real you… when you are being spontaneous, creative, wild and free. Because being all those things and doing your thing is what you’ve come to this planet to do. Surely no one came here to planet earth to criticise, judge and get all up in other people’s business. Judging and criticising eats up your psychic energy…takes your focus off your game and on to the games of others…and ultimately waste your life. If you sometimes feel stuck, bored, trapped but too scared to do anything about it. You can thank your ego for that. In fact any negative emotion you have ever felt or will ever feel is because of your ego. The authentic self is not interested in negativity and is only interested in your amazingness.

The Stockholm syndrome is the best way I can describe the hold your ego has over you. The Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a hostage develops positive feelings towards their captors and negative feeling towards others. This is exactly what your ego does to you. Your authentic self is being keep hostage by your ego who feeds it a load of lies about you and the people it takes a dislike to. You think your ego is protecting you but all the while it is ruining your potential…destroying your free will…and eating up your self-esteem.

Understand this…

-When you criticise other people, the negativity stems from you…your belief system, your thoughts and your values. It surrounds you and so by the law of attraction must come back to you. So, when you criticise others you damage nobody else but you.

-When you feel negative, bad or resentful about what other people are doing, the ego will have you thinking that those feelings are because of what other people are doing. No! The negative feelings you feel is because you are out of ‘wack’ with your authentic self. The further you are away from your authentic self the more discomfort you will feel. It hurts!

-When you get all indignant about stuff that has nothing to do with you, the ego loves it. The ego has you addicted to the feelings. So, the more you criticise the more you have to criticise.

A few words in support of the ego

The ego is an important part of your personality. You need a healthy ego to be an individual, have your own style and to pick and choose what is right for you. But is all about checks and balance. The ego is your individual self and that which separate you from others. Your authentic self is what keeps you connected to other. The ego is about helping the self. The authentic self is about helping others. The ego tells you that you are unique and special and therefore above everyone else. The authentic self knows that everyone is unique and special and therefore the same as everyone else.

The ego is a persistent little bugger and you cannot destroy it. The best you can do is decide to block up the ‘ego track’ in the brain and start building an ‘authentic self track’.

Building an ‘authentic self track’ in the brain

-Stop complaining. When you complain about anything you are telling the same story over and over again and this reinforces the ego track.

-Your ego hates positivity. Where there is goodness the ego cannot survive. So, every morning before you get up. think of 3 things you are grateful for. If you do this early enough you will intercept the ego. if you do it later the ego will be out of the trap and it will be too late.

-Train yourself to have no opinion… and no comment… no mind. the next time someone ask you what you think of the Kardashians. Say you have no opinion or no comment. Why would you even engage your brain cells to form an opinion. What do you think the Kardashians think of you? Who cares? What have these people got to do in the grand scheme of your life?

Signs of authenticity

1. When you crease up laughing at something that nobody else finds funny.
2. When you are spontaneous and do things on the spur of the moment just for the fun of it.
3. When you are being kind…see the best in others…give people the benefit of the doubt.
4. When you can forgive others and not bear a grudge. When you are able to forgive yourself, and not live in regret.
5. When you are passionate about what you do.
6. When you are singing and dancing. If you put on a cd and prance around the room that is your authentic self coming out to play.
7. When you are admiring talent and skills in others.
8. When you are being creative and ideas just pop into your mind from out of the blue. The ideas start as a whisper and if you listen and take yourself seriously the ideas just keep flowing.
9. When you are in the here and now.
10. When you are grateful.
11. When you seek, and speak the truth and only the truth will do.

Your authentic self wants to nourish you with experiences…a few experiments…travel…explorations…talking to people…and looking after people and caring for animals. And more than that the authentic self never needs anything in return. When you are being your authentic you are living at the seat of your soul.

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