How To Make Amazing New Year Resolutions…

Every year on the 31st December millions of people whilst in the throes of a sugar fix and under the influence of alcohol make resolutions to give up smoking… eating…drinking and other vices. What are the chances? The statistic show that by the 15th of January nearly all New Year’s resolutions are history. The whole idea of New Year’s resolutions come from ancient Rome. Way back in 153 B.C the Romans believed in a mystical god called Janus. He had two faces and they believed that his faces had the ability to look backwards into the past and forward into the future. So somehow they came to believe that if they made vows on the eve of the New Year and offered up a lot of gifts to Janus, then he would turn a blind eye to their debauched life style and forgive them all their wrong doings of the previous year. Well it didn’t go well. We all know what happened to the Roman Empire. So much for New Year’s resolutions! Yet we continue to practice this ridiculous activity knowing full well our resolutions are doomed before they are uttered from our lips.

Why New Year resolutions fail?

-People make resolutions because it is expected of them. It is something they feel that they ‘should do’ but deep down there is no real belief that they could succeed in their goals.

-People are not prepared to change their behaviour. It is easy to say you going to give up cake when you’re full of cake. Not so easy a week later when your body is experiencing withdrawal symptoms and your brain is screaming for cake like an addict.

Take Tracey

Tracey loves cake…She reaches for cake whenever she is tired… bored or stressed. Eating cake makes her feel better. Yet at the same time cake makes Tracey feel bad. So she make a New Year’s resolution to stop eating cake… while still eating cake. She even goes out and buys loads of cake vowing that her cake binge is her way of saying goodbye to cake. The first day she is fine the second day not so much. Day 3 Tracey is climbing the walls. Day 5. Tracey can be seen eating cake out of a bag on the street, there is cake wrappings in her car. She has a secret stash of cake under the sink. Tracey’s cake habit has now gone underground and is worse than before. That’s what happens. People who make New Year’s resolution end up worst than before. And they think they have to wait a whole year to put it right.

Goals that stick

-The best way to make New Year’s resolutions is all year round. If you get in the habit of making them then your mind offers little or no resistance if you feel like making one for the New Year.

-January is probably the worst time to make a resolution. It comes after the highs of the holiday festivities. You have to go back to work. It maybe is cold outside and the nights are long. Use January as the month to plan your year.

Turn New Year’s resolutions which are basically a wish list, into a vision of how you want to live your life. The vision should be compelling. A compelling vision that is exciting and attractive sets up new receptors in your brain, which has the power to pull you and motivate you and not push you. Goals that push you rely on your will power and as soon as you get a weak moment you will cave in.

In order to succeed in your goal you have to have strong enough reasons. These reasons are the building blocks for rewiring your brain. The reasons are the only things that are going to support you when the going gets tough. I’ll give you an example. ‘The Biggest Loser is a reality T.V program were the contestant’s battle to lose weight and come out the winner. The Personal Trainers send a lot of time trying to find the reason why the contestants want to lose weight. If they can find something then they stand a better chance of succeeding. They nearly always say some like “I want to lose weight so I can see my children grow up” or “I want to be able to run around with my kids”. If you are going to make a meaningful resolution you have to have a reason that is bigger than yourself.

Goals need to be positive. So instead of saying I am going to lose weight or give up smoking…say I am going to get fit and healthy. Instead of saying I am going to give up cake….say: I am going to stop being a cake hussy and become a cake connoisseur. Once a month…I am going to eat…the finest cake made by the Cake Boss.

According to Coach Tony Robbins, in order to succeed you have to change your rituals. The rituals are what you do every day. The rituals of a fit and healthy person are different from that of a fat person. The rituals of a non-smoker is different from that of a smoker. If you want success you have to do what successful people do and hang out with successful people.

-Do not tell anyone about your resolutions, until you have momentum. Rather than tell everyone you want to lose weight, lose weight and then let them notice. The look on their faces will be all the motivation you will need.

Have fun with your New Year resolutions…but remember a resolution is not just for a few days into January…a New Year’s resolution is for life!
I wish your health, wealth and stealth in the coming year and beyond!

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