What’s Eating Theresa May…

# Theresa May #Brexit # Europe # Margaret Thatcher# negotiation
We live in a world where our politicians would do anything for power. We are conversant with their in-fighting…back stabbing and…

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There’s something about Kellyanne Conway

#Kellyanne Conway # Donald Trump #who is Kellyanne Conway
Did you notice the switch? One minute Trump was tanking really badly in the polls and was the laughing stock of the world and then almost overnight everything changed.


Why Trump won the election…

I feel I cannot talk about #Donald Trump without using a disclaimer. So here goes. I have no association with the Trump administration what so ever and other political figures are available

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The Alchemist leader makes magic

An alchemist is a person who can transmute metals. A leader uses alchemy to transform people. In ancient times alchemists were considered to be wizards because they attempted to make special elixirs that gave everlasting life and cured sickness. Leaders are modern day alchemists…they empower people to create their own elixirs. Alchemist leaders know that when people creates their own elixirs they can become leaders in their own right.
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