December 2016

Psychopaths don’t eat ice cream

Joanne set off the last of the alarms…calmly walked outside… sat on the pavement and waited. Two people poked their heads out of their offices, looked up and down the corridor and then retreated back inside

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Is that you…or your ego: part 2

Ego# the manifestations of ego# ego reality

This week I was going to continue the series about the ego and finish up writing about the authentic self. That was until ‘wig gate’. It is said that every dog has its day and I think it only fair the wig

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Is that you…or your ego

#ego #what is the ego# beliefs and ego# the ego test

For the record… I am the most egotistical person I know. It requires a huge ego to write books, post blogs and to coach people as I do.

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And this too shall pass…the art of resilience

Everywhere I turn people are caving in under the stain of modern life. Times have been hard for a while but this year 2016…takes some beating. We are bombarded with stories of doom and gloom.

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