September 2016

Who are you to judge me…?

I went to a friend’s house the other day and out of the blue this guy piped up and declared “I hate Justin Bieber”. I wonder what it was about the super talented, young, good looking and rich Justin Bieber that he hated so much. I can’t think! Does he know Justin Bieber? No!

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Taking medicine is not healthcare …it is sick care!

I had the weirdest call on my house phone the other day. Normally I get calls on that line to inform me that I have been in an accident that I didn’t know about or that the computer I am working on is not working. I am usually ready for those kind of calls. But this one was from my doctor asking me if I was Ok. The reason being is

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Mind over food matters

So… I have a lovely client who I am coaching to lose weight. I have developed a process for her and in about 6 weeks we will share the big reveal on Facebook. The last time I saw her, she said in passing “It has clicked…I know what I have to do” those innocent words were the words I had been waiting to hear. My client’s weight has been an issue all of her adult life. It wasn’t for the lack of trying either.

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A conversation with death…

Last week I had a counselling session with a father and son. It was the age old story of young buck and old stag locking horns. Father was controlling and judgmental. Son was defiant and resentful. Both stubborn as hell. Both totally in love with each other but unable to show it. Within 24 hours, my own father was dead.

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