August 2016

Karma takes no prisoners…

So I heard this story yesterday about a man who was unceremoniously sacked from his job. After 25 years labour, he wasn’t even allowed to go to his work station to pick up his belongings. Instead he was disgraced and marched off the premises. I have served enough time in HR to know that the only reasons you can be dismissed in this way is if you a) are drunk on the job b) head butt your manager

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Your emotions are not the bad guys!

So I’m in my local supermarket pondering over which cake was the yummiest and had the least calories… when the cake lady came all the way around the counter to tell me that she liked my dress. Thank you I said and continued with my decision making. She then launched into the most horrific story I have heard in a long time.

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What are you thinking?

So the other day I was standing in the queue at the Post office. The queue was very long. Suddenly the woman in front of me starts to huff, puff and tut. She turned to look at me. I wasn’t having any of it so I looked away. She homed in on another person and tutted. The other person tutted back. One man muttered. Another rolled her eyes up to heaven. A child cried. Then another berated the staff…and many joined in. Within 15 minutes this woman had managed to ‘thought shift’ nearly the whole Post office into a disgruntled mob.
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Is Somebody You Know A Narcissist…

Do you have a friend, family member or work for a boss who is a narcissist… if so hold on tight because sooner or later you are going to be in for a very bumpy ride. We all know someone who cannot pass a mirror without inspecting themselves or the person who turns getting ready to go out into an art form.
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