July 2016

Take back your life…

The other day I was having quite a heated debate with a family member who was intent on telling me that according to the ‘experts’ …the world will cease to exist in 2050. I know we are going through a bad patch at the moment but I am a little fed up with people predicting the future as if they were ‘Mystic Meg’ at the circus. Analysts, politicians and gurus’ …one after another are intent on whip us up into a frenzy of doom and gloom based on their particular version of the truth.
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Confidence is not only for the birds!

What do you think confidence is? Why do you want more? Who do you think has it?

Mechanical physicists have for centuries tried to figure out how birds can migrate from one part of the world to another without getting lost. Birds like the robin take off from one part of the world and end up at their destination on time every time.
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Why relationships go bad

Everyone is looking for that someone that completes them. We have been raised on a hefty dose of ‘happy ever after’. In the movies boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy finds girl and they all live happily ever after. All of this takes place in ninety minutes, including whimsical music and credits. But we never get to see what actually happens after. We never get any detailed information about how to deal with the nitty gritty and sometimes shitty bits about being with another person. What is the purpose of a relationship?
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Ideas on Creativity

#Creativity #How to be more creative #Six Thinking Hats
Listen to this piece of music. What do you think about the musician who composed this piece? What are the processes involved to produce superb music like this? The composer is one Arron London, a 22 year old composer and musician who plays drums, guitar, piano, saxophone. He eats, sleeps and breathes music… and has no business being as talented as he is.
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