May 2016

The Failure Game

How many quotes about failure can you recite? ‘Failure is not an option’. ‘He who dares wins’. ‘You only fail when you stop trying’. The list goes on… These quotes are motivating for about as long as it takes to read them. If we are honest they do little to dispel our fear of failure.

We have been designed and raised on a system of winning and losing. From the cradle to the grave it is all about survival of the fittest.
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Procrastination…The Happiness Thief!

Do you suffer from ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ syndrome?

We’ve all been there. There’s this thing you have to do. You’ve been putting it off for months. You get into a panic…but you still don’t do it. Now you don’t have much time…but you still don’t start it. Finally you can’t put it off any longer.
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Dear men…

The saddest things you do not know about inequality

The other day I was talking about women’s inequality to my son and he said “I hate all feminists”. Whoa! Where had I gone wrong? Didn’t my son know that he had been raised by a feminist…and a pretty bold one at that! This is what I said to my son….and this is what I want to say to all men.

Dear man…
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What is Love…

I have been thinking about this crazy little thing called love for a while. What does it mean to say “I love you”? I decided to ask my husband “What is love”

“Ahhh” he replied….the Latinos always put the romantic slant on things…”love is many splendid things”. What does that even mean? He could offer me no more.
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