April 2016


#confidence#personal development#emotional intelligence#the self
If you are serious about developing confidence, being happy and living your life to the full…there is one key element you must address. You. Commonly known as the self. Before we delve into the self …let’s send a moment recapping on what we talked about in How To Develop Confidence once and for all: part one.
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How To Develop Confidence Once And For All: Part One

#Confidence#personal development#emotional intelligence
How to develop confidence is a tricky one. Everyone wants more confidence. In this age of consumerism we should be able to buy it somewhere online…but we can’t. Everyone wants more of it. What is this thing that we crave? The folks that have it seem to be having all the fun. They get the good jobs, seize the moment and win the day.
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#forgiveness#emotional intelligence#personal growth#persoanl freedom.

What does it mean to forgive? What does it take to truly forgive when someone does you wrong? There is a cliché that people trot out from time to time which really annoys me. They say:
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Are You a Bear Grylls Survivor

There is something about Bear Grylls that everyone loves. If you are going to be stranded in the wilderness you want Bear Grylls at your side. He is the guy that slays snakes, guts them and then urinates into the skin to drink later. He is the modern day superhero, the intrepid explorer and all round nice guy that everyone can relate to.

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