March 2016

Saying No

Hands up if you hate saying ‘no’?. What is it about this tiny little word ‘no’ that has us in a spin? We hate saying it. It’s a loaded word. It bring with it such trepidations. When I run a personal effectiveness training I can bet my last piece of toffee that someone on the course has a problem with saying ‘no’.
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Negotiate like Bruce Willis

Negotiate like Bruce Willis

Most of us when we think about negotiation we tend to think of Bruce Willis the actor in the brilliant movie Fifth Element when the bad guys demands that they send someone to negotiate… Bruce Willis’s character accepts the challenge and calmly shoots the alien in the face and then asks if anyone else wants to negotiate. That’s one way of doing it but it won’t work in business.
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Personal Branding

Not so long ago all you could hear wherever you went was talk about branding and more to the point personal branding. People went off to set up websites, YouTube accounts and blogs here, there and everywhere with no real rhyme or reason to it.
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