About Us

We here at BevbakerSeminars want to see people develop and grow. But, we are not major fans of prescriptive training approaches. You know the ones that gives you a 12 step program to everything and lots and lots of theories and models to follow. When it comes to personal development this approach doesn’t really work. If it worked then it would work. People still have issues with expressing themselves…communicating effectively…or dealing with the stresses and strains of life. We belief that all learning starts with self-knowledge. Like a flower and like a tree all growth happens from the inside. All our classes reflect that all knowledge is self-knowledge and are designed to unleash potential and to foster self-realisation. Fundamentally we teach people to be more of who they are meant to be. Our classes are for discerning people who think inside and outside the box. People who like solid practical solutions that work. People who want mastery in their lifes.
Our background is in psychology. We work with experts in business, psychotherapy, spiritual and career coaches to infuse our classes with all kinds of everything. Yet we do not subscribe to any doctrines or discipline other than our passion for the development of the self. If it works we want you to know about it. Oh and on top of all of this our classes are a lot of fun.

Facts about BevBakerSeminars

Trained on 5 Continents and in over 40 countries.

Been in the business since 1993.

Our Clients include: Microsoft. Intel. Adobe. Royal Navy. Hendon Police. Local Councils. We can design a class from an objective to delivery.

Our classes are experiential. There is no passive learning on our watch.

Most brilliant training to date was at Faslane, Navy submarine base in Scotland. Among the delegates… the Rear Admiral commonly known as a Sea Lord.

Most meaningful training was to take part in a program spearheaded by Bill Gates to train disadvantaged students in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Most visited country from training is Romania by far. Furthest place ever trained was New Zealand closed followed by Siberia and India.

Virtual training via Skype for business with people from all parts of the world.

Get in touch to talk about your personal development needs and lets us work out a program that suits you best